What is tenant upfitting?

Tenant upfitting is the process of redesigning / remodeling an existing work space. These are usually done for new renters or leasers, and the space is modified to meet their specific needs.  It can also be done to modernize a certain space or to change with the rebranding of a company.  

Types of Tenant Upfits

Retail Spaces

From small boutique shops to large big box stores, we can do it all.   We have the skills and knowledge to tailor your retail space to make your business standout.


Whether you are a new restaurant moving in or you just want to update your space, we will work you to get the most out of your restaurant space while making sure everything is up to code.

Office Space

Having a functional office space is important when it comes to maximizing efficiency.  Our experience will help us work with you to design and build a office space that works for you.


Warm and inviting spaces attract more customers.  When it comes to construction unique and inviting settings, we are experts that will help bring your vision to life.

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