Class of 2022


Application Timeline

Company Responsibilites

  • R. E. Lee Companies (REL) will pay for all expenses associated with program instruction.
  • Apprentices will be paid an hourly wage for full-time work in the field with annual increases and all company benefits other employees enjoy including:
  • R. E. Lee Companies commits to providing a  Pioneering. Honorable. Professional. work and learning environment.

Our Expectations For You:

    • Work safely in accordance with the REL Safety for Life
    • Read, understand and comply with all policies and procedures in this handbook and in the REL Employee Handbook.
    • Maintain minimum requirements for REL Apprenticeship Program as outlined in the REL Apprenticeship Handbook.
    • Be punctual, involved and show dedication to your training, both on the job and in the classroom. Develop initiative and leadership while in the program.
    • Complete coursework with a grade of eighty percent (80%) or higher and meet minimum class and fieldwork attendance requirement of ninety percent (90%).
    • Show courtesy and respect to fellow apprentices and REL employees, instructors, supervisors, jobsite partners and our clients
    • Agree to and comply with all provisions of the Apprentice Agreement.
    • Be accompanied by a Journeyman, Superintendent, Project Manager or other qualified REL employee on the jobsite, unless the work is authorized to be done without direct supervision.
    • Commit to our founding values of Pioneering. Honorable. Professional.

The Construction Industry at a Glance

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