General Construction Apprenticeship

This apprenticeship program is an entry level general construction carpentry program. It is designed to prepare you with the basic skills needed to succeed in the construction industry. This certification is a two-year commitment. The program is designed for you to work, be paid, and to study at the same time.The skills learned here are a prerequisite for higher level apprenticeship certifications which will allow for specialization in the fields of Plaster and Drywall, Concrete, and Finish Carpentry. R. E. Lee Companies, Inc. anticipates the start of these additional Journeyman programs to begin in 2020/2021 and will be an additional two-year commitment should you choose to continue. Once accepted into the program, you will be evaluated for skills and may test out of portions of the program based on your current knowledge. We are now accepting applications for the class of 2021 which commences August 2019.

Our Commitment and Expectations

    • R. E. Lee Companies will pay for all expenses associated with program courses.
    • Apprentices will be paid an hourly wage for work in the field. All classroom and assignments, such as reading course material and studying for exams, is done on the apprentice’s own time with no compensation.
    • Apprentices are expected to complete coursework with a grade of 80% or higher, and meet minimum class and fieldwork attendance requirement of ninety percent (90%).
    • Apprentices must read, understand and comply with all policies and procedures in the REL Employee Handbook and the REL Apprenticeship Program Handbook.
    • If an apprentice quits while enrolled in the program the apprentice is expected to reimburse R. E. Lee Companies for all or a portion of costs the company has incurred since the date of the apprentice’s enrollment in the program. (See handbook)
    • E. Lee Companies commits to providing a Pioneering. Honorable. Professional. work and training environment.Must be at least 18 years old

Minimum Requirements

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must have graduated high school or earned their GED
  • Must have employment documents. (see attached list)
  • Must have a valid State Driver’s License
  • Must have reliable personal transportation to get to jobsites
  • Must have internet access for coursework and company communication
  • Must be able to pass a basic Reading and Math Assessment
  • Must be able to work independently, and as a member of a team

How to Apply

To apply, download and complete the Application Packet below:

Gather all Required Documents:

    • Employment Documents (see acceptable List)
    • Two Letters of Recommendation from Personal) References – a short letter written by a non-family member (an employer or teacher is recommended) that speaks to your character and qualifications
    • School Diplomas or GED Certificate
    • Any Industry Training or Safety Certifications
    • Letter from Employer (if applicable)

Send your completed Application Materials and Required Documents to:

R. E. Lee Companies
ATTN Apprenticeship Committee
2811 Hydraulic Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901

Or email to:

Selection Process

If you are selected as an applicant, come in at your assigned time for an interview with the REL Apprenticeship Program Committee, and for a basic Reading and Math Assessment.

    • Once your Application and all Required Documents are received, R. E. Lee Companies will contact you with the committee’s decision regarding whether you have been selected as an applicant. If you are selected, we will schedule a date and time for you to come to our office for an interview.
    • As part of the interview process, you will be asked to complete a basic Reading and Math Assessment to ensure that you have the necessary foundation to complete the program. You must pass this assessment to be admitted to the program.
    • After the assessment, you will interview with the REL Apprenticeship Committee to evaluate your commitment to the program and the industry.

Enrollment Decisions will be sent by July 31, 2019

Commitments to accept the spot are due by August 9, 2019

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